The Darkest Benthic Division

Originally designed as a tribute to the first Blade Runner movie and the composer Vangelis, The Darkest Benthic Division was released in January 2014. It is the most simple of all Terminus albums, while retaining undeniable melodic and harmonic qualities.

The artwork was provided by Bad Taste Factory, encapsulating the mood of the album’s story : a rogue Blade Runner and a female Replicant, both on the run, fleeing the City and crossing the Seas towards the Unknown


Stratospheric Cannon Symphony

Conceived as a collection of sci-fi tracks, a general construct of high-tech moods and cyberpunk ambiances.

There is no back story to this album, other than being the soundtrack to any sci-fi or cyberpunk story.

It sports collabs such as one with Dallas Campbell and Jeri Lin who both contributed to the album as they were moving from their old house, and also Tommy ‘86 whose stunning pads and melodies still ring strong to this day.



This EP was supposed to be a tongue in cheek and mellow joke towards cheesy 80s music.

The cover is the first that marks the long-lasting and essential collaboration between Terminus and Luca Carey Illustration.

For some strange reasons, it remains a fan favorite even to this day. Tracks such as “Pepperoni Autodrive” took the test of time, whereas they were intended to be a refreshing way to pass time.


The Wrath of Code

Sporting the now famous cover by Luca Carey Illustration, this album was made with the intention of being a musical definition of Cyberpunk. Dan Terminus recalls not hearing any kind of cyberpunk music around, so he decided to make his own.

The entirety of the album was used as the soundtrack to the game Neurovoider, developed by Flying Oak Games.

The tittle track is a collaboration between Terminus and Perturbator. Perturbator completed his part on the track in less than one night for a wild result.

Still considered by many fans today as Terminus’ peak point.


Automated Refrains

In a world where humans are extinct, sentient machines are left to their own device.

To this day, Automated Refrains remains the most complex and loaded Terminus albums, each track being a wild and relentless rollercoaster of distortion and melodies.

It is also an album that tested all ends of Terminus’ endurance, as each track demanded more and more.

The track “Grimoire Blanc” is to be considered as the most important one of the album.
Luca Carey described the album as follows “Pity for the perceived lifelessness which is in fact never truly lifeless.”


Last Call For All Passengers

Released in 2020, while the C-Virus was raging and wrecking hell upon the world, this album remains the wildest of all Terminus albums.

Sporting colossal nods to The Prodigy, Nation 12, Bomb The Bass and the 90s in general, Last Call For All Passengers shoves distortion straight in your face, while being unapologetically violent.

Terminus described the album as the triumph over the burnout, written after having dumped a former album filled with mellow and shallow tracks.



Something is coming.

Terminus Motors

Terminus Motors, a cryptic subsidiary of Terminus Heavy Industries, operates in the shadows of innovation. Shrouded in secrecy, this company co-designs and constructs an array of mechanical marvels, ranging from vehicles to weapons, and humanoid mobile platforms. Their crowning achievement, the activation of the enigmatic Gothic Engine, stands as a testament to their technical prowess.

In defiance of prevailing laws, Terminus Motors champions the reactivation of numerous mechanized weapons, mobile fortresses, and autonomous artillery platforms, stirring controversy and awe in equal measure. At the heart of their mission lies an unyielding commitment to mechanization, a drive that shapes their every creation.

Terminus Motors operates at the frontier of mechanical innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their quest for mechanical supremacy, all the while maintaining a zeal in anything related to motor design.

Terminus Heavy Industries

In the shadows of a world where technology intertwines with mystery, Terminus Heavy Industries emerges as an enigmatic titan. Founded on principles as cryptic as their origins, this research, manufacturing, and engineering conglomerate is dedicated to an arcane pursuit: the resurrection of lost, ancient technologies. With a neutral stance, yet wielding phenomenal military and technological might, Terminus chooses to sell its advanced technologies rather than dominate.

Their primary focus includes the intricate design of weaponry, the construction of buildings, and the engineering of colossal superstructures. However, the true nature and identity of its founders remain shrouded in secrecy, fueling endless speculation and intrigue.

Rumors whisper of Terminus Heavy Industries' expansive reach, suggesting the possession of vast numbers of space colonies and a multitude of hidden operational bases. The core of their operation lies in their awe-inspiring automated manufacturing plants, colossal in scale and shrouded in secrecy. These factories are the heart of Terminus, where the old world's lost secrets are forged anew, and the future is shaped by the hands of the unknown.

This behemoth of industry stands as a paradox, a powerhouse of war potential yet primarily a purveyor of its creations. The labyrinthine nature of Terminus Heavy Industries continues to perplex and fascinate, a cryptic entity in a world of overt power struggles.