Dan Terminus: The Sonic Architect of The Foundation

His initiation into the realm of music began in the cradle of his childhood, surrounded by the electronic rhythms and classic melodies from his parents' vast music collection, laying the groundwork for his eclectic musical blueprint. In the dynamic soundscape, a unique artist emerges, known as Dan Terminus.

Dan's early experimentation was conducted on the technological relic, the Atari 520ST. Utilizing a 4-track tracker and samples stored on archaic 3.5-inch floppy disks, he crafted his nascent sounds. These creations were captured on analog tapes and Fostex 4-track recorders, a testament to his foundational work in sound manipulation.

The turning point in his sonic journey occurred with the discovery of "Hotline Miami," where he encountered the pulsating beats of Perturbator. This meeting of minds led to a fusion of Dan's childhood electronic influences, like Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis, with the raw power of metal music from his tenure as a guitarist and vocalist in a metal band. This amalgamation birthed the persona of Dan Terminus.

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Under this new identity, Dan unveiled "The Darkest Benthic Division," an ode to the dystopian landscapes of "Blade Runner" and the sonic universe of Vangelis. This work stood as a beacon of melodic simplicity and accessibility in his expanding discography.

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of his sonic arsenal, Dan immersed himself in advanced production techniques. This knowledge expansion allowed him to navigate vast terrains of musical imagination, culminating in the creation of "The Wrath of Code" in 2015. This album, a collaboration with Perturbator, became a cornerstone of The Foundation’s archives, defining the cyberpunk music genre and securing Dan's position with the esteemed Blood Music label.

Post "The Wrath of Code," Dan's mission remained unaltered - to continually evolve, challenge himself, and fulfill his musical destiny. This album's acclaim catapulted him into global recognition, allowing him to share his vision across the world, alongside comrades like Perturbator.

Dan's expertise in the cyberpunk auditory field led to contributions to the soundtracks of "Ghostrunner 2" and the complete scoring of "Neurovoider." His adaptability to infuse his distinct style into various mediums showcased his versatility as an auditory engineer.

Today, Dan Terminus stands as a paragon of The Foundation’s ethos - a relentless pursuit of musical innovation, grounded in spontaneity, curiosity, and the sheer pleasure of creation. His commitment to the live stage and connection with his audience ensures a perpetual evolution in his sonic warfare. Dan Terminus continues to forge his path in the world of music, driven by an unwavering passion for sound.

Pity For The Perceived Lifelessness Which Is In Fact Never Truly Lifeless.

Dan Terminus

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